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Cremation Jewelry: Cremation Diamonds or Memorial Diamonds

There is nothing more precious remembering your loved one than having his own ashes infused in a very special gem diamond. You might be intrigued by now on how it works. Diamonds are the most expensive, the most precious and the hardest occurring substance consisting of colorless clear crystalline form of carbon. With the advent of advanced technology, scientists have made a possible way to extract carbons from hair and ashes forming “laboratory-grown” or “cultured diamonds”. A diamond is formed from hair and ashes through heat treatment, with the addition of other carbons and elements, that is subsequently filtered using a conventional filtering method, purified and finally formed into graphite forming the end product. Almost no carbon is virtually left on the process of making the diamond on the cremated remains, because they are oxidized and formed into gas or vent away.

These synthetic memorial diamonds are becoming popular in these modern age in countries like United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Japan. So if you desire to connect with your loved one and create everlasting memories, cremation diamonds or memorial diamonds are right for you. Memorial diamond or cremation diamond is a symbol of life in a new form, representing a new beginning and giving great value to your faithful departed.

We are the best research laboratory company specializing in memorial diamond technology. Cremation diamonds we are offering come in different colors and come in larger sizes. We assure you that the hair or ashes of your loved ones are meticulously handled while on the process of diamond synthesis, resulting in a beautiful diamond serving as an heirloom treasured in your family for generations to come.
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Cremation diamonds or memorial diamonds do not significantly affect mother earth as it possess all the attributes of a natural diamond with the same hardness. Turning your loved ones ashes into beautiful memorial diamonds keeps an everlasting, unique and priceless connection in your family as well as greatly giving due respect and honor to your faithful departed.
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Our company also provide custom-made and assorted cremation jewelry such as glass, beads or crystals in your favorite design or style. Our artists carefully infuse or put ashes on these jewelry using a patented process.

Contact us today, and we will help you understand and get more details how it works. Do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly customer service representative for more information on the process, designs and colors, pricing and others. Forever treasure your loved ones in your hearts and minds through cremation memorial diamonds that will last forever and ever.