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Different Information Which People Must Know About AA Coins

A sobriety coin is a gold coin that is provided as a gift to alcoholics anonymous members, the coin mostly represent the length of time a certain member of their group has stayed sober. It is usually a medallion which is the size of a coin and it has different markings on the length of time that they have easily achieved when they were sober and have avoided getting to drink alcohol. Alcoholics anonymous was one of the first organizations to use these sobriety coins, people can obtain these coins that have sworn to stop drinking and also know the duration of being sober.

When a certain type of members has been provided with their first AA coin, they are mostly told that the coin would represent the overall commitment of alcoholics anonymous to most of their members. A large number of these AA coins do truly assist members that owns help to stay sober, there are different studies that gets to show that these coins are truly effective in having to make members in staying away from drinking alcohol again.

These AA coins are mostly meant to motivate the owner of the coin to keep them on abstaining from drinking alcohol, it can easily decrease their overall addiction to drinking alcohol. There are various colored coins and also values which are mostly meant to be taken as a token of inspiration and also a reminder on just how long the member has become sober and how far the member has stopped drinking.
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The white colored coin represents 1 day of sobriety from drinking alcohol, this is known as the desire chip which is used to assist the member to continue their overall choice to stay sober. The silver chip represents one month of being sober, the dark gold one would represent 2 months of being sober. The highest chip is the blue one which usually represent at least 1 year of sobriety from drinking alcohol, this can easily help people to be reminded of the time that they have spent in being sober.
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There are surely a large number of companies today which are building these AA coins, they are usually handcrafted and are made of high quality materials that can easily last for a long time. People that truly wants to purchase these AA coins can get to find them all over the world when they want to stop drinking alcohol again, this can let them be easily motivated and get to continue to be sober and try to improve their own life.