Living a Long Healthy Life is No Accident

I have lived more years then I care to think about but thankfully they have all been healthy years. Now this didn’t happen because I have ‘good genes’ (I don’t) or because I got lucky and beat the odds (no such luck), no this happened because I wanted to be healthy so I worked toward that end.

Now you might ask; who doesn’t want to be healthy? Well my friend all you need to do is sit at the mall for 30 minutes on any given Saturday and observe the people walking by and you’ll get your answer. Evidently very few! Obesity is rampant with all it’s related diseases, hospital emergency visits are skyrocketing and disease ridden people flock to the pharmacy in record numbers to stock up on drugs that do nothing to improve their health.

We as a willing society have been duped into health complacency. What I mean by that is individually and collectively we have a herd mentality believing the TV adds and nightly news and the hoards of so called experts telling us what is and isn’t good for our health. We have relinquished our good common sense and the God given healing attributes of the human body. Instead we dutifully get our shots, vaccinations, prescription drugs and bad advice simply because we are told to. Few of us take the time and effort to educate ourselves concerning health issues.

Our health is the singly most important issue facing every human being and yet we act as if it is vogue to be fat and out of shape. We wear our health ineptness with a badge of honor. Paradoxically everyone will tell you if asked ‘I want to be healthy’. So with that assumption in place let me explain a common sense approach to maintaining a healthy life for all your life.

First and foremost you must start thinking for yourself. Question the authorities that put demands on you, not irreverently but with inquisitiveness. Get the answers you need to make your own health decisions.

Decisions must always be made on the basis of your health not what anyone else is doing.

Unless your very serious about being healthy for the rest of your life and willing to do what it takes to succeed you most assuredly won’t. Being completely healthy requires living a lifestyle that is conducive to good health. This isn’t some infomercial to living healthy in 4 easy steps for only $29.99+ shipping and handling. This will have to be a lifetime commitment devoted to staying healthy.

When I say healthy I mean free of disease and debilitating conditions not the common cold (although you won’t get many) or the occasional bug that is going around. Although I must say if your immune system is where it should be even the common flu will have a really hard time infecting you. When you do get sick it will be for a very short time with NO after affects.

It has been nearly 40 years since I visited a doctor and that was for a sore throat. (bad idea)

I have had the flu a few times and a occasional headache but beyond that nothing. My wife is the same way with no health issues. Decidedly I started living my healthy lifestyle as a young adult and never swayed from the path. I firmly believe anyone at any age can benefit from a positive lifestyle change.

The objective is clear and concise; Live Long and Live Healthy.

Some of the things I will list here you’re going to hate and will immediately stop reading, well at least I got you thinking for yourself. For the rest of you please bear in mind I’m no doctor or medical expert just a person who has lived a relative long life and who has walked the walk and talked the talk. Some things are seemingly simplistic, they aren’t.

1. Personal fortitude with a savage attitude that I am worth the effort to succeed.

2. Never ever succumb to age, treat your body the same at 50 as you would at 30 and it will respond if properly conditioned. (side note): I climb trees, do running sprints, jump off high places all the stuff I did as kid, I never stopped so the body responds.

3. Demand the best for your body don’t settle for anything less. Don’t put anything in or on your body that you wouldn’t want your children to do.

4. The food police will tell you what or what not to eat but I will tell you this, if you eat any food in moderation with abundant variety you will be the better for it. Specifically I eat my share of meat, potatoes, vegetables, fruits and plenty of dessert. Everything is in moderation with all the meat not fried but cooked another way and all vegetables and fruits free of pesticides and chemicals. Eat moderate portions at each meal disciplining yourself not to overeat. Remember we eat to sustain our bodies ability to function properly and for most of us we don’t need much food. I think eating has been made into some grand event where we must eat as much as we can at every sitting. Enjoy your meal but remember you eat because it is a necessity.

5. Drink clean water with absolutely no chemical additives and drink a lot of water.

6. Avoid eating a lot of sugar and use salt in moderation.

7. Packaged food contains preservatives and dyes which are un-natural to the human body.

8. Wash (scrub) fruits and vegetables before eating unless they are organic they will be loaded with chemicals.

9. Frying food is a no no because of cancer causing carcinogens.

10. The overall principal I live with concerning what I put in my body is quite simple,

If it has a man made substance in it such as preservatives o r dyes or any of those long scientific names that are impossible to pronounce then I’m pretty sure I don’t want to eat it.

11. Exercise is good but don’t over do it moderation applies here. I have found cross country walking is a lot of fun and a great exercise for the whole body. Also walking my two golden retriever pups keeps me bouncing up and down. The key here is to stay active EVERYDAY remember this is a life style.

If your able to do outdoor physical work like lawn mowing that is a real plus, enjoy the great outdoors and reap the healthful benefits at the same time.

12. Love life and laugh much and often. Surround yourself with loving family and friends.

13. Stress is a killer so it is vitally important to avoid stressful situations. I firmly believe stress is the number one health concern in our society. Stress places a tremendous burden on our immune system to protect us from disease and with a weakened immune system the door is left wide open for all sorts of health problems.

14. Supplement with all natural supplements.

15. Lastly or perhaps firstly, stand firm in your personal faith.

Now what I have said is all relevant to staying healthy all your life however it would be a hollow existence if I weren’t married to my soul mate and totally committed to our marriage. When you can share your life with the person you love life’s burdens melt away and happiness is easy to find.

I urge you to sign up for a health plan that involves no government help or insurance company premium indeed this health plan involves only you and your commitment to a healthy life style. Why not sign up today!

A Healthy Life Vs A Nourished Life

I hate the word  healthy .

You’ve probably heard me talk a lot about how I hate the word  healthy  and much prefer the term “nourishing”. The difference between the two concepts really is huge. I mean, life-altering, you will never diet again or do exercise you hate kinda huge.

A nourished life isn’t found in an extreme diet, pill or a shake. It is found in a lifestyle.

A nourished life is a combination of nourishing choices made on a regular basis that lead to a state of harmony in how you look, feel and behave. A person can live a “ healthy  life  but not be nourished, but it is impossible for a person to live a nourished  life  and not be “ healthy “. For example, think of a person you know who is trying to be  healthy — odds are they are on some crazy crash diet, drinking shakes or taking pills, having a cheat day when they eat large amounts of junk and generally feel bad about themselves because they just can’t seem to get the results they want–or if they do get results they need to do even crazier things to maintain them.

Let me compare the two lifestyles as I see them:

A person trying to live a “ healthy  life :

The alarm goes off at 6am. She is groggy, grumpy and hungry. She heads to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee and to drink the first of two meal replacement shakes that day. Still somewhat hungry, she gets dressed and head to a job she hates, but heck, it pays the bills. She drops the kids off at school and then heads to the office. Lunchtime comes and she has a microwave meal in a box, a diet coke and some low fat cookies. After work she heads to the gym to go to a workout class they hate, but hey it burns a lot of calories, after all they gotta do what it takes right? After leaving the gym she picks up the kids, heads home, turns on the TV, kicks back and enjoy her meal replacement shake while the kids eat hot dogs and mac and cheese because mom is just too tired to make anything else. Everyone is zoned out on TV and the family only somewhat talks to each other during commercials. After about 3 hours it’s time for bed, only to get up tomorrow and do it all again.

I’d like to say that example is extreme, but it’s not. It’s what I see time and time again, and it really saddens me. She may be doing some things that fall into the zip code of  healthy  (working on losing excess weight and getting exercise), but her other choices are by no stretch leading to a nourishing  life .

Get off the roller coaster. Life shouldn’t be this way, and a nourished life isn’t this way.

An example of a person living a nourished life:

Imagine instead, that same mom wakes up and eats a breakfast that she feels nourishes her (perhaps an omelette loaded with fresh veggies and eggs she got at the farmer’s market over the weekend or maybe it’s even a tofu scramble). She gets ready for her day and looks forward to going to work at a place that nourishes her, where she likes what she does. She drop her kids off at school and listens to some of her favorite music on the way to work. Lunchtime comes and she has a meal that she feels will really nourish her (perhaps it is some sushi and a bowl of fruit for dessert). She takes time to not only eat but maybe to relax a little and work on that book she’s been writing. She heads back to work, enjoys time with her coworkers and gets her tasks done. She leaves for the day, heading to the gym to climb the rock wall and take a yoga class with friends. She has a great time and then heads home where she prepares a meal that she feels will nourish her family (perhaps grilled chicken, broccoli and a side salad that the kids helped prepare.) They all sit down at the table to eat dinner and discuss their how their day went. Bedtime rolls around mom has the energy to read to the kids a bit before she heads off to bed to read for herself.

See the difference?

There is no trying to live a nourished life–you just live it. When people “try to get  healthy ” they associate that with doing something they don’t enjoy and therefore it’s unfulfilling and unenjoyable (and more often than not unlasting.) I want to make one quick point about living a nourishing life that is very, very important. There is no one size fits all for a nourished life. You and only you can determine what that looks like. There are a lot of variations on what it means to live a nourished life. To find yours, you will need to sit down and really think about what is important to you. Some variations on a nourished life might be: eating meat, not eating red meat, only eating farm raised/hormone free meat, not eating any meat, eating vegan (to name a few). It could mean that you completely cut out refined sugar or perhaps it means that you just cut back on it. You could also go gluten free, organic, wheat free, dairy free, or take up fasting one day a month. You could spend hours at the gym each day or never set foot inside a gym again. The point is that there are thousands of different types of combinations of ways to live a nourished life–you job in this lifetime is to figure out what nourishes you. Designing and living a nourished life is so much more than low fat eating and spending time doing exercise you hate.

Sounds so basic doesn’t it? But yet thousands if not tens of thousands of people will start diets January 1st, only to be disappointed, frustrated and depressed at their lack of (lasting) results. Don’t get sucked into the hype of “ healthy “! Take 20 minutes and make a list of what you like. Get clear on what jazzes you, and then steer into those things. The funny thing is that once you start living a nourished life, you will find yourself making more and more nourished choices on a more regular basis. There is an undeniable snowball effect, and once you get going you will be at a very different (and nourished) place in the very near future. So what does a nourished life look like to you? What kinds of hobbies would you like to have? Or friends? Or a job? Really think about this, and remember that life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself. Carpe Diem.

Leading a Healthy Life

Leading a  healthy   life  is actually quite easy. There are certain, sensible rules of thumb you should follow in order to keep your mind and body  healthy . Though it may seem difficult to stick with the steps that will lead you to a fit and vigorous lifestyle, you will actually feel better and better as time passes. Not only that, but if you maintain a  healthy  lifestyle, you will make fewer visits to the doctor. This means you can purchase a less extensive healthcare plan – one that fits both your needs and your budget.

 Healthy  Living Tips

We’ve all heard the basics before – be active, eat a well-balanced diet, and get enough sleep each day. Do these things and you can stay  healthy . Though it may seem cliché or old hat, these pieces of advice really do remain true to this day. By taking the following steps, you will have more energy, maintain a  healthy  mind and body, and simply feel good:

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Don’t overeat
  • Drink in moderation
  • Avoid smoking or taking recreational drugs
  • Exercise on a regular basis
  • Take steps to remove unnecessary or overwhelming stress from your life

These items may sound simple (and they are!) but they can actually be difficult to uphold on a daily basis. You may find yourself coming up with excuses for having that extra drink, or taking the bus instead of walking, or edging back into an unhealthy diet. However, it is important for you to avoid giving into these excuses.

How  Healthy  Living Benefits You

Of course, there are the immediate effects of leading a  healthy  lifestyle – feeling more energetic, resting soundly at night, and having an overall sense of happiness. There are also, however, a number of long-term benefits of staying  healthy . You can avoid the following adverse health conditions:

  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • High stress
  • Depression

Clearly, there are many upsides to taking the easy steps toward leading a fit lifestyle. It is well worth it to trade grease, inactivity, sluggishness, and sadness for balanced diets, movement, happiness and healthiness.

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Enjoy These Tips for Living a Healthy Life

What is more important than the way you feel? Is there anything more important? Your physical health, the way your body “feels”, is probably the most important determining factor in the way you feel. Any feeling, weather it be physical or emotional is experienced through our bodies and by applying these simple tips for living a  healthy   life , the way you feel will vastly improve.

Psychoneuroimmunology, the science of the mind-body relationship, has now produced scientific evidence of the effect of your mind on your body and vice versa. Depressed people use their bodies in a certain way that causes them to feel depressed and by just changing simple things like their facial expressions, studies have shown, they can literally change the way they feel instantly.

The significance of this fact is that it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that our physical bodies have a tremendous effect on the way we feel both physically and emotionally. The one thing we are all pursuing in life is happiness and happiness is nothing but “feeling good.” By following some basic tips for living a  healthy   life  we can make significant changes in the way we feel physically, emotionally and mentally.

We’ve all heard the cliché “a  healthy  body houses a  healthy  mind” and thanks to scientific research we now know this for a fact. Also, the opposite is equally true: a  healthy  mind equals a  healthy  body. If we learn to be in control of our emotional association to food, we will automatically take care of our bodies. The instant satisfaction we get from junk food caused a lot of people to make pleasurable association (in their subconscious minds) to these foods that lead to overeating and addiction.

Living a  healthy   life  starts with your body. If you take care of your body you will develop that sense of pride in yourself and the consequently the way you feel about yourself (or your self esteem).

With this in mind, let me offer you some very simple and basic tips for living a  healthy   life .

Firstly, realize the importance of oxygen to your body and your health. Breathing is not just to get oxygen to our vital organs. Every cell in your body requires oxygen for it’s survival and health.

You are only as  healthy  as the cells in your body. In order to fully oxygenate our bodies we must learn to breathe deeply, fully and effectively. Deep, diaphragmatic breaths will, apart from oxygenating your system, stimulate the movement of lymph fluid through the body. Lymph is the body’s natural cleansing system, essential to keeping your cells free from toxins and maintaining a  healthy  environment for the cells of your body to live in. To breathe properly you must breathe in the following ratio: inhale(1) : hold(2) : exhale(4). For example inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 8 seconds and exhale for 16 seconds. Doing this simple exercise with 10 deep breaths 5 times a day will vastly increase your health, your energy and help maintain a  healthy  immune system.

Secondly, understand the importance of water to your body and health. Our bodies consist mainly of fluids and water, along with oxygen is the basis of all life. Taking sufficient amounts of water is essential for health and life, but also we need to avoid foods that drain our bodies from vital fluids. Foods that are high in sugar, salt, caffeine and preservatives will actually absorb fluids from your body causing certain vital functions to shut down. Eating foods that are naturally rich in water is essential and include all fruits, vegetables and sprouts.

Your body is your temple and what you put in is what you get out. Stop abusing it and adhere to these simple tips for living a  healthy   life . The very least you must do to  life  a  healthy   life  is to stop depriving your body from the two most essential element, water and oxygen.

Applying these simple tips for living a  healthy   life  will vastly improve your health and consequently the way you feel. When we feel good life is a pleasure and we suck from it all the juice. Life is a gift and know that tomorrow is not promised to you. Live everyday like it’s your last and constantly seek out tips for living a  healthy   life  and improving yourself and the quality of your life. It’s all out there and the only thing that is required to have whatever you want from life is for you to go and get it. Just do it and do it with passion and joy.

Healthy Life – Healthy Eating

Starting healthy life through doing healthy eating must be the great effort that absolutely gives the great result for your body. Doing healthy eating does not mean that you should get strict on the food, leave your lovely food or stay unrealistically thin. The main purpose of this program is to get a more energy, stay healthy and feeling great in your days.

There are two important factors in achieving a healthy balancing diet, such as the great amount of food for your activity and the range of food to get the balance diet. The description below would lead you to the amazing healthy balanced diet.

1. Give priority to Starchy foods

As the main source of energy, this food would really useful to make you keep active in your days because you could have more energy to do many activities. It must be really well if you could make it about a third of the food you eat. You could eat great starchy food such as pasta, potatoes, bread, cereals, rice, and more.

2. Eat much Fruit and Vegetables

The power of fruit and vegetables is really unquestionable. They must be the great nutrient tat really important for your metabolism system. You could consume at least five portions of a variety of vegetables and fruits every day and add up the variation to avoid any boredom. Also, you could have it in a glass of juice, a pear of afternoon snack, or a side salad at lunch.

3. Consume more Fish

Oily fish which contain the great omega 3 fatty acids are really great for your health because it contains many protein, minerals and vitamin. Try to include at least four portions of oily fish in a week in your daily diets. The great fish for your diet could be the trout, herring, fresh tuna, sardines, pilchards, salmon, mackerel, and more.

4. Reducing Saturated Fat, Sugar, and Salt

Saturated fat is the most dangerous fat that would increase the cholesterol in your body. To avoid the risk of heart disease you could consume the unsaturated fat that is much better. Besides, consuming sugary food is also not good for your weight and the number of calories in your blood. Also, if you have sugary food among your meals, it could cause tooth decay.

In addition, sometime people do not realize that they are consuming too much salt in their daily meals. Three-quarters of the salt you are consuming come from the diet you eat. If you eat too much salt in your daily meal you would have a risk of suffering heart disease because it could raise your blood pressure.

5. Drink water many times

Drinking plenty of water is really useful for your metabolism system. You would need more water if you are really active. It also prevents you from getting dehydrated.